5 comments on “The Issue of Gary Stein

  1. I am thoroughly impressed with this site. The information is concise and well documented. Although I am not able to absorb all of the information in one reading it has definately caught my interest and I will happily refer others to it as opportunity presents.
    Great closing. Tennyson is so moving.

  2. Excellent analysis and good summary. Check spelling of some words (e.g. “wreck less” should be “reckless”) alongside some grammar and punctuation errors. Notwithstanding that, information and specifics are point-for-point accurate with referenced footnotes and sources. Wouldn’t be surprised if the USMC hearing regarding Sgt. Stein’s actions doesn’t detail the charges and reasoning exactly as laid out here.

    • My main quarrel with your statement is that I am not entirely sure what you are insinuating. With that being said, I simply want to quote the part of my paper for which I addressed this notion:

      “For further matters one should read the case revolving around Doe v. Bush.[31] Regardless, there’s also the War Powers Resolution, as well as the Joint Resolution of 2001 for which Mr. Stein and everyone else who protested the war would have to contend with.[32] In any case, based solely on the language for which Mr. Stein used in his statement, the Afghanistan War and Iraq War are both “illegal.” The main question should be then, why is it that there was none of this expressed patriotism 9 years ago, which would have placed Mr. Stein into basic in 2003, and the overwhelming heat of both conflicts? Obama on many accounts is exercising the same powers for which Bush used to begin Iraq and Afghanistan. Interestingly, history will show that there have been many occasions, wars, and conflicts for which there was no expressed congressional authorization.[33] Furthermore, as times change, one must also ask whether or not simply funding a war is express authorization absent a codified statement of intent to continue and engage in war against another country. These are all very relevant and legal matters to contend with.”

      Your statement ultimately suggests that we haven’t had a Commander-in-Chief of the Military since World War II – what constitutes a “declared war” has become a very gray area.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. The President, in this case President Obama, IS the Commander in Chief. What the writer of this piece is saying, and I agree, is that using this marine’s STRICT interpretation, the ways that he was happy to serve in beginning 9 years ago are illegal – USING STEIN’S INTERPRETATION.

      What Stein is actually doing is this: He doesn’t like President Obama and he’s too stupid and partisan to get that not like President Obama is fine, he just can’t be an active duty military person AND speak aginst the Commander in Chief – in this case, President Obama.

      President Obama has been president only 3.5 years and Stein has been in the military 9 years. Why all of a sudden he’s not following orders he might deem unlawful. Do you know what would happen if all military personnel decided that they had to VET all their orders. There would be utter choas.

      Stein will be dismissed and I hope court martialed. It’s what he deserves because I think he’s just a garden variety bigot, frankly, who has an issue with the president not being white.

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