15 comments on “A Critical Look at the YouTube Video: “Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ and the Bible/Video/Obama Is Not A Christian”

  1. Do you not know that the Old Test. Laws were for the Isrealites only? All the other nations around were not expected to follow the letter of the law layed down by God to His chosen ones. The Law is now a schoolmaster for Christians to learn from. The Lord’s standard is by grace threw love and understanding of Him.
    Also, I do believe that Obama has little respect for the Bible or of the America that held high the standards of our Lord from the beginning using the 10 commands as The guide for all our laws.

    • I do understand the Old Testament, as well as the New. But I disagree that Obama has little respect for the Bible, I do not believe that there is any evidence to support such a position. This country was not founded on Christian Principles, though those principles may have been prevalent – there is a contrast between those two statements. Because Obama believes in a much broader concept of Liberty and Freedom that lies outside the scope of a modern interpretation of the Bible does not therefore mean that Obama disrespects America.

  2. According to your own data, 79% of Americans are Christians, Jews or Mormons (which although not Christian follow a similar ethics) and 65% of people consider religion important in their lives. This in 2011. I don’t know about your math or Obama’s, but that is a majority in my book. And Obama in his speech twists matters because except for a few fanatics no one is asking that specific religious laws be applied, but the general morality of judeochristian beliefs. He does mock believers and Scriptures. The big question is why didn’t he mock the Koran?

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  5. Regardless of the video, I’m sure it was taken out of context as most politicians’ videos are, but this nation was founded on God. That’s the Christianity that should be taught. This nation was blessed for many years because of this. And I do not want to kick anyone out of this country for not being a Christian. However, this nation was started by Christians, and our constitution was written with God in mind. Many of our founding fathers prayed over forming our country for hours, days, months, years- to make a foundation for the great place our country is today. As a Christian, I welcome all types of people, from all walks of life. But I still stand on my belief in God. And I truly believe as long as we continue to stray from Him, we will continue to have destruction, premature death, murders, terrorists- that we have today. Regardless of the rest of the video, Obama’s one quote stating “Which Christianity should we follow?” is disrespectful, and makes me think he probably isn’t a Christian. However, I do not know him or his heart personally. As a Christian, I choose to focus more on loving my neighbors than what others believe politically concerning abortion or gay marriage issues. These issues politicians and radicals choose to spend time on, when knowingly neither side will do that much for either issue. And neither really affects most of us in our day to day lives anyway. And although I try to not sin, and do think those are sins, just as eating too much, drinking too much, doing drugs, judging, gossiping, lying, stealing, killing, cheating are, I still fail, and I do not judge those who are gay or who have abortions, because that is not my place. The only thing that really matters is that I believe in God, try to do right by Him, and try to show others Jesus’ love. The law here in this life, (most of which no I will not partake in because it falls outside my beliefs) is important, sure to try and stand by the bible, however God’s law is most important. Religion and politics are both complicated subjects. There are so many ways to interpret the bible, other religious books, and our and other countries’ laws. But the Bible is meant to be used in prayer and in supplication- it is living, and ever changing in each of our lives. I do not see how you can research our founding fathers and say this country wasn’t built on Christian principles. I respect that you still live your life with “good” principles because a lot of people don’t; however, I do believe there is great fact and philosophy in the Christian life as well (if you search for it earnestly). I do not stand for lies or deceit in the name of God either and I also know that our country was founded on people who were trying to escape countries that were persecuting them, much like many immigrants that still come to America today. I do admire your research, and I will say a prayer for you. Because I do believe regardless of you, my, or anyone’s good deeds or values, the only way to live an eternal life is to believe in God. So even if though I don’t know you, I hope that for you one day you will know Him. I know you will roll your cynical eyes, as once I did, but He truly is the only way, truth, and light. Best Regards-

    *Please pardon any typos or brevity. This message was sent from my mobile device.

    • I am unclear how this video bears false witness. Taking this further, I am unclear how this video violates the 9th Commandment (8th for Catholicism), “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” [Exodus 20:16, 23:1-2; Proverbs 6:16-29] Further, it has been my understanding that false witness refers to gossip, slander, and false testimony (perjury). John Calvin, Book II (The knowledge of God the Redeemer in Christ, First Disclosed to the Fathers Under the Law, and Then To Us In The Gospel), Chapter VIII (Explanation of the Moral Law (the Ten Commandments)), kind of makes this clear.

  6. Ive also done a blog on this. I must admit that I did not read yours as it was far too long for me but I can tell that you share the same feelings as me. I was surprised how so many people were unaware of this blasphemous speech even though it was way back in 2006. Well done for bringing it to light too – I felt a little awkward when I posted mine last week, as Christians don’t stand up for their faith enough.

    I have one question: the part where he sarcastically mentions James Dobson then another man, I can’t tell what name he is saying – this is how I stumbled across your blog. I went onto Google to see if I could find a written transcript as I am doing a follow-up blog but have put a question mark by the name as I can’t make it out.

    If you could let me know, I would be very grateful.

    Many blessings to you xx

  7. You may have a point about taking the video in its entire context, but you are wrong in saying the Quran only preaches war in self-defense.

    • I would obviously argue that it does, but that more importantly, your saying I’m wrong doesn’t explain why your half of a theological argument is more correct.

      • Allow me to explain, then. There is much that can be said, but I will start with just one ayah: 65 of surah 8. This ayah says “provoke the believers to engage in war” (key word: provoke) to overcome those who disbelieve, simply “because they are people who do not understand”, or “are a folk without intelligence”. Why not just teach them, then? Other words used are exhort and urge. In contrast, the Abrahamic God is for peace (Psalm 120:7) and speaks against practicing hatred (Matthew 5:43-44).

        So now, what I would like to ask you is where does the Qur’an preach war in self-defense ONLY?

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