2 comments on “Part 1: Gay Rights vs. Chick-Fil-A: Introduction

  1. You say you check sources…do you have a source for the Molly Ivins flag burning quotation?

    I’m attempting to use it in my own work, but have been unable to accurately source it. Someone attributing it to Molly Ivins is meaningless. Either there is an actual source (like the name of the book, or date of the column or speech where she used it), or it’s not a valid quotation.

    • I appreciate your inquiry, and apologize for the time it took to respond. I’ve somewhat neglected this blog for some time due to personal obligations.

      That said, in subsequent searches I’ve since found that the quote is misattributed to Molly Ivins, and it’s pretty difficult to find an accurate birthplace of this quote. An article from June ‘97, written by Ivins, shows that she’s citing a speech written by Craig Washington, a former Democratic politician from Texas in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Article below.


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