One comment on “Petitions to Secede from the Union

  1. I wouldn’t call it cherry picking, the USA isn’t a long established government, as much as Great Brittan wasn’t. The States have stood longer as governments of the land of North America, some for almost 100 years, if not more, before the creation of the United States Government. In reality the US Government is a youngster compared the age of the States’ experience of ruling the people. Even when the US became a government it wasn’t even that involved in the lives of the people, the last 100 years have been the greatest intervention of the federal government into the lives of ordinary citizens besides taxation.

    Until recently the federal government didn’t control the public school curriculum, as of this year though common core they have complete control. Under Bush the Department of Education was created. I can see why many see a need to succeed. I live in Illinois though, with an Illinois President in office, and billions in debt ourselves, we will mostly be going down in flames with the federal government….

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