2 comments on “A Note on Morality, and Moral Facts

  1. I completely agree. The notion of a moral fact seems to me impossible to justify. There will always be situations where the right thing to do is impossible to agree upon. If moral facts were a thing moral dilemma’s should be much easier to solve. Morality seems more fluid to me; entirely the result of society and defiantly non-existent beyond social bonds. There is no sense in which morality can truly exist as a fact. Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree with your overall sentiment. I’m perplexed by the notion that moral facts are different kinds of facts. It’s a strange argument. Further still, if morality had some sort of “plain” or “fabric” that had a part to play in the universe, shouldn’t one expect to see consequences regardless of social and human interactions? Anyway – thanks again for commenting!

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