This is a place for politics, and thought. I hope to facilitate discussions that will perpetuate mental growth for those who participate, and to find compromise in the most minuscule of forms for that is where true change starts – in the mind. I believe in bringing to the fore of a discussion the differences, the arguments, the facts, the opinions and concluding with the similarities for which solutions are groomed. We need less bickering in politics and congress, and we need more activists outside of congress. This is only one place to begin. Enjoy.

I am 27 years old. I am lucky to have been born male, and white. I was, for all that it may have been worth, born into various dominant categories for which society gives privilege to. I have earned a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling. For my Undergraduate work, I double majored in Psychology with an emphasis on Diversity Issues, and Political Science with a double concentration in international relations and pre-law. I also minored in History, and Philosophy with an emphasis on theology.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am, in varying degrees the sum of my parts. Parts which seep through my pores as opinions based on facts and observations through an infinite desire to learn and explain the world for which I live in. For these reasons, I am in varying degrees on different topics a Liberal, and a Conservative, and a Reactionary. I do not believe that single umbrella terms do justice for people as I view the world through the Tripartate Model, which says that humans are unique from everyone else, humans have similarities to others, humans are the same as every other. A paradoxical relationship. I do not have a religion but I have a love of all.

-Oliver Queen


P.S. My posts are sporadic, and I prefer to write when I am interested in a topic rather than forcing myself to post regularly. So please, sign up for email alerts, and if you’re a fellow colleague on WordPress, please follow that way. Among other things, please rate my entries! Thank you.


3 comments on “About

  1. Hello Oliver, I like to see the funny side of things so I was amused by your comment about the things you are grateful for. What would you have done if you were born female and black, then woke up one day to find your age reversed and you couldn’t walk? I’m going to search for disabled black females of 72 and see if they are content with their lot. I’m not yet that old but I feel very lucky to have been born female and black. Firstly because I can refer to people as Niggers (including myself) without anyone being able to drag me to the ground or the courts, and secondly because I think men have so much more pressure to prove themselves and succeed. When they get hit with depression it is so much more socially unacceptable than for those of the ‘weaker’ sex.

    Anyway, I’m rambling on and I haven’t said anything the slightest bit political on here so I’m going to be quiet now and just say ‘Hi, and thanks for stopping by on my blog. Oh, one thing…is M.O. really a man in drag? What d’ya think?

    • My statements of gratitude were really more of a witty remark towards the social aspects that have invariably led to my success. I certainly agree with the undertone of your perspective with respect to men, depression, and the lack of social acceptance with regards to dealing with those demands. As for how I would feel if I was born female and black, I cannot say as I can in no way understand what it is like. Interesting proposition though.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, and thanks for the patience with respect to a response. Stop by any time!

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